Plugin version 2.0 was released for IntelliJ and NetBeans

We are happy to announce a new major release (v2.0) for our supported IDEs: IntelliJ and NetBeans.


The big change of this release is that now snippets are stored locally and synchronized with the server. All the snippets are listed in a table and you are able to manage them directly from the IDE.



Other features

  • Quick Search with preview: you can search for saved snippets and insert the code at the cursor position
  • Syntax Higlighting: powered by RSyntaxTextArea


See documentation page for installing plugins.

TagMyCode Cli pre-alpha version is now available

TerminalThe pre-alpha version of TagMyCode Cli is available for download at

It’s written in TDD with Java using TagMyCode Java SDK and Commons Apache Cli.

You can download the Debian/Ubuntu package, the executable binary or the source code.

This is the help output:

usage: tmc
 -a,--add              Create a snippet from file
 -h,--help             Show help message
    --info             Show account information
 -l,--languages        Show languages
    --login            Authenticate to
 -p,--private          Set the snippet private
 -v,--version          Display version information

Try it now and leave feedback opening a new issue or fork the repository and create a pull request.

Download TagMyCode Cli

Development of TagMyCode Cli has started

Hi devs,

we are pleased to announce that we have started the development of a new application: TagMyCode Cli

It’s a command line tool that allows you to submit snippets by choosing a file.

This tool will be especially useful to system administrators or developers who need to save configuration files without a GUI.

We are now collecting ideas to identify the best command syntax, the most important features and any kind of suggestion, if you want to contribute you can create a new issue here:

Syntax example

tmc add myfile.txt


tmc -f myfile.txt


JetBrains IntelliJ IDEA plugin was released

We are excited to announce the launch of the second IDE plugin for TagMyCode.

Now it’s time for JetBrains IntelliJ Idea and also all the related IDE, such as RubyMine, WebStorm, PhpStorm, PyCharm, AppCode and Android Studio.

The plugin is provided by these features:

  • create snippet – you can create snippets from the current opened file (single selection or entire file)
  • search snippets – you can search for saved snippets and insert the code at the current cursor position

Go to the Plugin page

intellij-plugin-create-snippet intellij-plugin-search-snippets intellij-plugin-create-full-ide intellij-plugin-search-full-ide


“Search snippets” feature added to NetBeans plugin

We have recently released the new version of NetBeans Plugin at NetBeans Plugin Portal. We have implemented one of the most important feature  Search snippets.

Now, after you’ve created your own snippets you can finally find them directly from NetBeans IDE. Using this feature is very easy:

  1. place the cursor into the opened document at the position you want to restore a saved snippet, you can also choose a text selection to replace
  2. open the popup menu by right clicking mouse and select “Search snippet…” item
  3. insert your keyword and press Search button
  4. select the snippet you are looking for
  5. press the Insert at cursor button


TagMyCode plugin for NetBeans has been published


The first TagMyCode plugin for IDE was finally released.

Before today you could use the Google Chrome extension to save your snippets outside the website, now after a hard work to improve the API we are happy to announce the release of a new plugin. We have chosen NetBeans (versions 7.4 and 8.0) as a test case that implements the “Create snippet” feature.

You can install the plugin directly from NetBeans (go to Tools > PluginsAvailable Plugins, click Check for Newest, select TagMyCode and Install) or download it from PluginPortal.

After the authorization you can create a snippet of the current opened file by clicking the toolbar button or via the context menu. You can also save a portion of the code simply selecting the code you want to save and then right click and “Create new snippet…”.

All suggestions are welcome.

TagMyCode extension for Google Chrome was released

We are exited to announce the first beta version of the official Google Chrome extension for TagMyCode.

This tool allows you to save your snippets in a fast and easy way on Google Chrome browser.

Imagine surfing the web looking for a particular javascript function. Well! When you finally found it you just have to copy and paste the code in the plugin form.
You can also add extra informations such as description or tags and then your snippet is stored in a few seconds.

Try it now and please leave us your suggestions or report a bug.

Share your snippets with collaborators

A new important feature was introduced to TagMyCode. Public and private snippets can now be shared whith other users.

There are three types of permissions:

  • read: user can view the snippet
  • edit: user can modify title, description, code and tags
  • admin: user has full access to snippet and can also invite other users

Snippets can be shared with registered users or you can also invite new collaborators by email.

TagMyCode and Boostrap 2

After some weeks of work on the web platform we have completed some important updates and below we show a summary

Bootstrap 2

We have rewritten the TagMyCode template with Twitter Bootstrap 2.

Following & Follower

You can now follow other users and track their snippets by the new Feed tab.

Starred snippets

Favorite snippets can now be flagged as starred and will be available in the starred tab