TagMyCode extension for Google Chrome was released

We are exited to announce the first beta version of the official Google Chrome extension for TagMyCode.

This tool allows you to save your snippets in a fast and easy way on Google Chrome browser.

Imagine surfing the web looking for a particular javascript function. Well! When you finally found it you just have to copy and paste the code in the plugin form.
You can also add extra informations such as description or tags and then your snippet is stored in a few seconds.

Try it now and please leave us your suggestions or report a bug.

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  1. I’d like to see code highlighting for R and/or S-PLUS (statistical software languages). Even if this is slanted towards web programming, these are relevant because they’re used in the analysis of ‘big data’ – precisely the application I’m using R for.

    vim has an R highlight scheme, fyi (for reference).

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