TagMyCode plugin for NetBeans has been published


The first TagMyCode plugin for IDE was finally released.

Before today you could use the Google Chrome extension to save your snippets outside the website, now after a hard work to improve the API we are happy to announce the release of a new plugin. We have chosen NetBeans (versions 7.4 and 8.0) as a test case that implements the “Create snippet” feature.

You can install the plugin directly from NetBeans (go to Tools > PluginsAvailable Plugins, click Check for Newest, select TagMyCode and Install) or download it from PluginPortal.

After the authorization you can create a snippet of the current opened file by clicking the toolbar button or via the context menu. You can also save a portion of the code simply selecting the code you want to save and then right click and “Create new snippet…”.

All suggestions are welcome.


  1. That’s very nice and definitely a step into the right direction! However, without the ability to list and insert snippets into the Netbeans code editor, it’s not really all that useful 🙁

    1. Thank you for your comment Fab.

      As you said this is the first step to integrate TagMyCode into NetBeans. Next features will be the listing/search and the ability to reuse snippets in code editor.

  2. I discovered this website because of the netbeans plugin. I’m very impressed so far, and looking forward to the future features you mentioned.

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