“Search snippets” feature added to NetBeans plugin

We have recently released the new version of NetBeans Plugin at NetBeans Plugin Portal. We have implemented one of the most important feature  Search snippets.

Now, after you’ve created your own snippets you can finally find them directly from NetBeans IDE. Using this feature is very easy:

  1. place the cursor into the opened document at the position you want to restore a saved snippet, you can also choose a text selection to replace
  2. open the popup menu by right clicking mouse and select “Search snippet…” item
  3. insert your keyword and press Search button
  4. select the snippet you are looking for
  5. press the Insert at cursor button



  1. I installed this plugin and i can add a snippet but when i right clk on my file and select “Search Snippetts” the dialog comes up empty. I have restarted NetBeans and still no snippetts. Got any help? Thanks.

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