IntelliJ TagMyCode Plugin

intellij_logoTagMyCode IntelliJ plugin allows you to create your snippets directly from IDE and search for all your saved snippets.

This plugin is also compatible with all the other IDEs of JetBrains: RubyMine, WebStorm, PhpStorm, PyCharm, AppCode and Android Studio


  1. Go to File > Settings
  2. Select Plugins on the left column
  3. Click Browse Repositories button
  4. Select or search TagMyCode then click on Install button


You can also install the plugin manually downloading the zip from JetBrains Plugin Repository


After installation click on Login > Authenticate… button

TagMyCode Login

A new page will be opened on your browser where your credentials are requested. If you are logged in you will see a page like this.


Click Allow button and you will receive a Verification Code then copy and paste it to the Login dialog


Once you have installed and configured your plugin your are able to manage your snippets directly from the IDE.

Add new snippet

You can create new snippets with the New snippet… button or directly from the source of code simply by selecting text on editor and clicking Add Snippet on TagMyCode… menu item.



When you add a new snippet you can see it in the main TagMyCode window so you can manage


Search snippets

There are two methods for searching snippets:

  • filter by text in the main TagMyCode window: while you typing you will see only snippets that match to the input text


  • quick search from contextual menu directly from editor: you will see a search dialog that displays snippets corresponding to input text
    • when you select a snippet you can also insert the entire code into the editor at cursor position by clicking the Insert at cursor button