Plugin version 2.0 was released for IntelliJ and NetBeans

We are happy to announce a new major release (v2.0) for our supported IDEs: IntelliJ and NetBeans.


The big change of this release is that now snippets are stored locally and synchronized with the server. All the snippets are listed in a table and you are able to manage them directly from the IDE.



Other features

  • Quick Search with preview: you can search for saved snippets and insert the code at the cursor position
  • Syntax Higlighting: powered by RSyntaxTextArea


See documentation page for installing plugins.

JetBrains IntelliJ IDEA plugin was released

We are excited to announce the launch of the second IDE plugin for TagMyCode.

Now it’s time for JetBrains IntelliJ Idea and also all the related IDE, such as RubyMine, WebStorm, PhpStorm, PyCharm, AppCode and Android Studio.

The plugin is provided by these features:

  • create snippet – you can create snippets from the current opened file (single selection or entire file)
  • search snippets – you can search for saved snippets and insert the code at the current cursor position

Go to the Plugin page

intellij-plugin-create-snippet intellij-plugin-search-snippets intellij-plugin-create-full-ide intellij-plugin-search-full-ide