TagMyCode Cli pre-alpha version is now available

TerminalThe pre-alpha version of TagMyCode Cli is available for download at https://github.com/massimozappino/tagmycode-cli/releases/.

It’s written in TDD with Java using TagMyCode Java SDK and Commons Apache Cli.

You can download the Debian/Ubuntu package, the executable binary or the source code.

This is the help output:

usage: tmc
 -a,--add              Create a snippet from file
 -h,--help             Show help message
    --info             Show account information
 -l,--languages        Show languages
    --login            Authenticate to TagMyCode.com
 -p,--private          Set the snippet private
 -v,--version          Display version information

Try it now and leave feedback opening a new issue or fork the repository and create a pull request.

Download TagMyCode Cli

Development of TagMyCode Cli has started

Hi devs,

we are pleased to announce that we have started the development of a new application: TagMyCode Cli

It’s a command line tool that allows you to submit snippets by choosing a file.

This tool will be especially useful to system administrators or developers who need to save configuration files without a GUI.

We are now collecting ideas to identify the best command syntax, the most important features and any kind of suggestion, if you want to contribute you can create a new issue here: https://github.com/massimozappino/tagmycode-cli/issues

Syntax example

tmc add myfile.txt


tmc -f myfile.txt